Thursday, September 17, 2015

Has Holiday Shopping Started Already? by Ira Riklis

This article clearly explains how to start shopping for the holidays and the means you have to use for the shopping.

Has Holiday Shopping Started?

Have you started shopping for the holidays? Does that feature anywhere near your to-do list? You may think that it's too early to start shopping for the holidays but there are those who decided to get it done and over with much earlier. conducted a scientific poll of 1,004 U.S adults and found out that 14 percent of consumers, which is approximately 32 million adults, have their holiday shopping already underway. More surprisingly is that there were early birds who formed about 4.6 million American shoppers who are already done with their shopping. This is about 2 percent of the consumers. Most of these early birds are parents with children and they form the greater majority of this group in comparison to those parents without kids.

From the same survey, they found out that 15 percent of consumers would prefer to start their
shopping earlier and cross a few things off their to-do list. Just 4 percent preferred to start their shopping later. Those who preferred earlier shopping were millennials. Those between the age of 18 and 29 who preferred to start earlier formed about 22 percent of the consumers and only 5 percent of those who are 50 years and older would join the bandwagon of early shoppers.

A huge number, 55 percent of holiday shoppers, are not thinking of shopping anytime soon and would probably be still buying gifts in December. They did not want holiday shopping anywhere near their summer period.

Reasons To Shop Early

Here is what would most likely prompt you to be among those who start their shopping earlier,
  • Shop at your own pace
  • Saving time and money.
  • Advertisements
  • Budgets
Shop At Your Own Pace

Whenever you do anything in a rush, you're most likely to forget a thing to two. This is why you may want to start your shopping much earlier and get everything you need. It's therefore no wonder that those of 65 years and older would normally have more gifts in comparison to their kids since they have more leisure time which is utilized in buying gifts earlier.

Saving Time And Money

Unlike last minute shoppers who may not have the time to compare prices between different stores, as an early shopper you have this privilege. This was pointed out by the CEO of Financial Psychology Corp, Kathleen Gurney.

Those who want to save time and money are most likely the early shoppers. The poll found out that white respondents nearly doubled nonwhite respondents as they were 16 percent of the shoppers in comparison to 9 percent.


Early adverts could have prompted some of those who went for early shopping. The poll by shows that 23 percent of consumers will have finished their shopping by end of November and it could have been prompted by those early adverts. Centro Inc. found out that retail promotions had a trend of starting two weeks earlier over the last 5 years and would come to an end by Thanksgiving.

The communications manager for GreenPath Debt Solution, Andrew Johnson said that Black Friday or Cyber Monday was being held two weeks earlier, and sometimes months, before the holidays.

Better Budget

By spreading out your cost over several months is bound to have less of a pinch in your wallet. You can therefore manage to buy gifts for everyone without feeling the financial burden of shopping all at once.
This has therefore prompted, 22 percent, those between 18 and 29 to stop procrastinating and shop earlier.
The wealthy who have an annual income of $50,000 and above are not stressed about their budgets or shopping earlier this year because they have wider options. They also don't have to compare prices.

Medium Of Shopping showed that majority of shoppers, 60 percent, would be shopping in person while in the retail stores followed a close second, 23 percent, by online buyers who purchase through their laptops and only 7 percent shopping through mobile devices and tablets.
2 percent still rely on catalogs from the mail box and 7 percent either didn't know or refused to participate in the poll.


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