Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Charity Review Of God's Love We Deliver by Ira Riklis

This post is about God's Love We Deliver, a non-profit meal preparation and delivery service in New York City that has been nourishing bodies and spirits for thirty years.

 The Mission

The mission of God's Love We Deliver, located in the New York City metropolitan area, is to identify men, women, and children living with serious illness, such as HIV/AIDS and cancer and to improve their health and overall well-being by alleviating hunger and malnutrition.

 What Does God's Love We Deliver Do?

In 1985, one woman began delivering food to a man suffering from AIDS by bicycling to him each day. Today, God's Love We Deliver is the area's leading provider of nutritious, individually-tailored meals to people who are experiencing illness that prevents them from shopping or cooking for themselves. Serving over 5,000 meals each weekday, God's Love We Deliver travels to all five boroughs, Newark and Hudson County,New Jersey.

When a potential client first contacts the friendly and compassionate staff at God's Love We Deliver, services for the client, their children and senior caregivers are offered immediately and food is delivered within 24-48 hours. All services are free and are as follows:

  • Home Delivered Meals
  • Children's Meals
  • Senior Caregiver Program
  • HIV/AIDS Grocery Bag Program
  • Community Partners Program
  • Cancer Program

What Makes God's Love We Deliver Different?

God's Love We Deliver is a non-sectarian organization, with a focus on providing meals led by the principle that food is medicine. Services are not based on financial need and no one is turned down. A team of registered dietitians individually tailors meals to meet the specific needs of clients. God's Love employs a small but dedicated professional staff and over 8,000 volunteers contribute by supporting the staff. The organization would not flourish if not for the loving and generous support of volunteers and donors. Joan Rivers was a long-time, very supportive Board member who believed tremendously in this organization.

Not only does God's Love We Deliver provide for the nutrition of the clients, but they also take a holistic approach and offer limitless referrals to additional services around New York City to address additional client needs.

Who Does God's Love We Deliver Help?


Walter enjoyed walking all over New York City, prior to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He was a hard worker who held several active jobs and traveled all over Europe, Brazil, and China. At the age of 40 years old, everything changed with the diagnosis. His son, Chad, was only three years old. Walter grew very ill and battled fatigue and intense weakness and his symptoms prevented him from being able to cook or shop.

Upon calling God's Love, he and his son immediately began receiving meals. Now Walter and Chad enjoy highly nutritious, home cooked meals that are delivered to their door. Walter has been impacted by God's Love nourishing not only his body, but his spirit as well.


William loved going to concerts, reading, painting, and singing, but when he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, things changed. He was determined to not let the diagnosis overcome his life, but that proved to be a challenge.

William's physical and mental health worsened and he suffered a stroke and began having panic attacks. He contacted God's Love and immediately began receiving meals. He is now able to maintain a healthy diet and his health and spirits have greatly improved.

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