Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dining With Fall Ingredients

Fall Cooking Ingredients- ApplesFall is a great time of year to consider new fresh food options that are available as the season changes. Fresh food offerings that you will find during this time of year include apples, pumpkin, sweet potato, pears and squash. These wonderful foods paired with spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla or allspice will leave your mouth watering for more! Read more on Epicurious for seasonal cooking tips.

As the air turns crisp, food choices will heat up and become  heartier. Honestly, what is better than coming in from a day of play in the Fall leaves to sit down at your favorite restaurant with family and friends to enjoy the fabulous foods of this season. Many fine dining establishments will offer entire menus based around one or more of the foods that can be harvested fresh this time of year. Let's explore all of the delightful foods and drinks that can be found at this time of the year.

Autumnal Delights

With the Fall season upon us, restaurants have begun to change from the Summer fair of late to delectable fresh harvested foods. Menu choices now include delicious entrees such as casseroles, stews, soups and baked dishes. At the top of the list, are wonderful desserts such as apple pies and cobblers followed by pumpkin pies and pumpkin breads as the Fall season matures. We certainly can't forget sweet potato casserole which secretly disguises as a vegetable to make us all feel more healthy, yet has such sweetness, that even the greatest sweet tooth is satisfied.

Fall is also the season for meatier dishes such as chili, beef stew and pot pies which can be paired with cornbread. These hearty dishes taste so wonderful as the air begins to crisp. Many casseroles become top choice to entrees this season. Some Fall favorites are pork chops with cheesy, hash-browned potatoes, shepherd's pie made with sweet potatoes, squash gratin, roasted acorn squash, and butternut squash posole. All of these dishes will warm you up from the inside out and leave you feeling nourished yet satisfied.

Fall Food Pork With ApplesOne can also begin to find the delicious apple included in the main entree as it is paired with pork dishes as either an apple glaze or applesauce. Apples are often used in everything from stuffing to cakes and breads during the Fall. The pear is also used this time of year to make pear sauce, pear cake and even combined with apples to make a delightful apple-pear pie which is guaranteed to please dessert lovers alike. Pears can also be combined with parsnips and ginger to make the perfect side dish.

Other wonderful offerings include mashed sweet potatoes which can be made with butter-pecans or sweet potatoes stuffed with sausage and apples. Sweet potatoes can be used in place of white or yellow potatoes in many recipes for a welcome twist. The sweet potato has so many delightful ways  it can be prepared that it truly is a versatile food.

The Dessert & Drinks Menu

Apples ciders as well as pumpkin spiced lattes have now been added to menus as the weather  gets cooler and cold bodies yearn for warmth. Many enjoy these drinks as starters to a good, hot meal as well as light desserts at the end. Pairing a warm mug of cider with pear cake will definitely bring a smile to your face.

One thing is for certain, Fall is definitely one of the best seasons to enjoy fresh harvest at local establishments. The best dishes will be those that include many of the ingredients that have been discussed. No matter what your favorite season is, everyone will find a dish or drink that they love in the Fall.